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How can I revitalize my lawn?

  • Site Analysis: We will come to your property and analyze your lawn needs.
  • Aeration: We aerate your lawn - To increase air, water and nutrient movement to the root zone * To help relieve soil compaction * To stimulate new growth * To improve drainage * To provide a better environment for new seed growth * to incorporate organic matter into the soil. All this adds up to a healthier lawn!
  • Seed Blending: The advantage to our custom seed blending is that we can pick the particular type or types of grass plants for each individual job. Many jobs require two different blends of seeds due to shade and sunny areas.
  • Slit Seeding: We run our specially designed seeder over your lawn. This machine meters the seed directly to the ground. The advantage is perfect soil to seed contact, which results in the best germination rate possible.
  • Fertilization: We put down our specially blended starter fertilizer, which is high in potassium and phosphorus. This gets everything off to a good healthy start.

What are important steps after new sod is installed?

  • Water immediately. Thoroughly soak the sodded area and the soil below.
  • Water daily about an hour or two depending on the temperature. The hotter and sunnier it is, the longer you should water.
  • Water at the hottest point of the day if possible. Just like yourself, your sod needs a cool drink when it is hot.
  • Remember that the edges of the sod tend to dry out first, along cement drives and walks especially. These areas should receive special attention, "A little more water."
  • Check for rooting on a full piece of sod. Gently pull. If the sod does not lift, it is rooted. If the sod does lift, it is not rooted. This should take one to two weeks before checking. Use different pieces of sod each time.

What are some shade plants that also bring color to the yard?

  • Begonias
  • Tuberous Begonias - red, orange, yellow, pink or white flowers
  • Fiberous Begonias - green or bronze foliage with red, pink or white flowers
  • Rex Begonias - bright colored leaves with silvery overtones
  • Fuchsias are colorful, two-toned flowers that cascade from hanging baskets or window boxes, but dislike wind and heat.
  • Impatiens
  • Bedding impatiens come in purple, lavender, rose, pink, red, orange and white
  • Double-flowered impatiens resemble full-blown roses
  • New Guinea impatiens feature a nice color selection with the added bonus of striking foliage patterns
  • Mini-flowered impatiens are short with small blossoms
  • Coleus the queen of shade garden foliage is available in many colorful and unique leaf patterns.
  • Houseplants can be placed in your shade garden during the summer months in Michigan.

What are the advantages to mulching?

  • Conserves moisture at the root zone of the plants.
  • Greatly reduces weeds or unwanted plants from growing around the base.
  • Protects the trunk from mechanical damage from lawn movers and weed trimmers.
  • Enhances the visual appeal of your landscape.

More Questions?

 If you have any other questions regarding lawn care and landscaping, please feel free to call or email us to talk to one of our  knowledgeable staff members. 

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