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Stimulate Lawn Growth


Ace Landscaping, Lawn Care & Snow Removal will perform aeration on your lawn to promote growth and relieve pressure on your plants. 

Allow Plants To Grow


  Aeration is a process that perforates the soil with small holes which allow water, air, and fertilizer to get closer to the roots. This enables the roots to grow deeper, producing a more vigorous lawn. Compacted soil and heavy thatch are the two biggest obstacles between you and a beautiful lawn. They suffocate grass and plants by preventing air, water, and nutrients from reaching roots. Aeration is accomplished by using a machine equipped with cylinder like spoons designed to penetrate and shatter the soil. The holes allow the plants to breather and their roots to grow deeper into the soil.  



  • Increases air, water, and nutrient movement to the root zone
  • Intensify decomposition of thatch
  • Relieve soil compaction
  • Improve drainage
  • Provide a better environment for over seeding
  • Increase the effectiveness of fertilizers and control products
  • Incorporate organic matter into the soil
  • Increase tolerance to heat and cold

Hydro Seeding & slit seeding


Installing a New Lawn

If your lawn is too damaged to repair, Ace Landscaping, Lawn Care & Snow Removal can install a new, healthy lawn.  

Hydro seeded yard to grow a fresh lawn

Hydro Seeding

If you are looking into a new lawn and think sod is the only way to go, think again! Hydro seeding is a high-tech, low-cost alternative to sod. We have experience in all facets of high-quality landscaping, and our professional crew and low prices make us the best! Hydro seeding is a relatively new science of growing plants without traditional soil. In this process the grass seed is contained in a mixture of biodegradable cellulose fiber mulch and fertilizer. This mixture is applied with a truck mounted sprayer, allowing for quick and easy planting of your new lawn. 

 Advantages of hydro seeding

  • Cost – Less than half the price of sod.
  • Time – You can have a mow-able lawn in about three weeks.
  • Versatility – You can specify the types and amounts of various grasses within the mixture

Slit Seeder

Slit Seeding

Using a machine known as a slit-seeder you can seed a specific section of your lawn or over seed an existing area. Slit-seeders utilize a series of vertically rotating discs to cut small grooves into the soil while depositing seed into the grooves just behind the discs. This helps ensure the seed-to-soil contact necessary for successful establishment.  


Improve your lawn quality

Bag of Fertilizer

Ace Landscaping, Lawn Care & Snow Removal can fertilize your lawn, which is the single most important procedure for your lawn.  

Give your lawn the nutrients it needs


Fertilizer provides your lawn with nitrogen, which helps promote green color and a thick, dense lawn. However, improper application of nitrogen fertilizer will result in lawn mowing nightmares because of the extra top growth. Our programs are designed to make sure that the correct amount of fertilizer is used on your lawn. Fertilizing in Fall/late Fall is proven to be the best time for lawns to get the full benefit. Your lawn will still need to be fertilized during the Spring/Summer seasons, but the Fall is the most important.  

Keep your lawn green year round


A major detriment to lawn attractiveness during the summer is a lack of soil water. During hot and dry weather, lawn growth decreases and starts to turn brown if supplemental water is not provided. During the driest period of the summer, our lawns require about one inch of water every week to stay green and continue to grow. Lawns watered too frequently tend to develop shallow roots, which may make them more susceptible to pests and heat-drought stress. For best results, water your lawn in the early morning hours, weekly and deeply (6-8inches).  

Lawn Mowing

Let us keep your lawn tidy

Lawn Mower

Our weekly lawn program of mowing, edging, and cleaning walks and drives is just what you need.  

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